The Dove Song

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Poetry

The Dove Song

My love is eyes of sunbeam brilliance

Radiating a heated bleeding passion

Love is not lost to a lustful compliance

When released from a tortured prison

A dove asks me to teach her to fly

Because she says her wings are broken

I tell that dove to look to the sky

To find what I have only awoken

Above me she sees wondrous trees

Which offer her branches to land upon

She soon forgets the unfettered we

That brought her out of Acheron

I call to the dove and she won’t respond

For she fears I’ll take away her new freedom

She will not tell me what she has found

And she will not remember where she came from

I do not ask her for her gratitude

I do not bind her to a new shell

But because I loved and freed her with fortitude

I must now take her place in Hell

Maybe someone will release me

She has gone now without remorse

I will suffer here for now as piteous be

But I hope she doesn’t fall upon her course

And if this be a lesson to any chivalrous man

Do not think this rigorous plan wrong

For I know when I find my way from sorrow’s land

I’ll bring another dove along

© 2010 Charles Harmison


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