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Passed Along Past All Wrong

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Poetry

Passed Along Past All Wrong

To take away the pain I’m burning my brain cells

They’re lost forever, thrown out, and discarded.

Retarded thoughts are slowing those battles fought for a better life.

And my strife is now covered in smoke

I choke on happiness and love that bliss

Can you blame the nameless individual for the gradual loss of his or her mind?

They’re blinded by all this corruption and it’s a disruption

Relief from the brooding… losing…wanting… better….…not!

It’s a pot of soup for your ideas and ideals will lose their own flavor

What was once your savior has now been blended into the rest

They say “Burned brain soup tastes the best”

The consistency is of a solid yet gelatinous mass

And vicious fights break out over whose soup is of highest class

Which cook is most crooked?

Who done away with the most individual ingredients

To form the biggest, blandest,

Conformist stew?

They all use different methods

But all agree each brain must be thoroughly washed

To get all that troublesome originality off

The favorite first techniques involve elbow grease

But if that don’t work they become more cunning

They attempt something the brain won’t notice them doing

They exploit your pleasure.

And when your leisure has dropped your guard

They spring in to win the trusts necessary to carry out all their desires

Someday the pain and all this shame will be gone

But until then pass it along

I don’t know how long I can keep holding on.

© 2010 Charles Harmison


I Believe in Eve

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Poetry

I Believe in Eve

Shadows in the night, envelops the white

Darkness unfolds, shining on beyond what has been told

There is a show & tell sending bending beams from Hell

Flavorful, bountiful, pleasurable and beautiful

Cast away by this Christian way

If this beauty exists why must we resist?

To placate or to fornicate, which IS better?

I say fuck their letters I disbelieve

Theirs is not to embrace Eve

Making her the sinner when she is the giver

Of son, of daughter, of love

Shining always up above this monkey

Embracing me in her tranquility

And peaceful moonlit serenity

© 2010 Charles Harmison

Hot August

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Poetry

Hot August

That salt laden sweet smell of hot August

Ahh . . . miss . . .

Folded entwining mind combining

Heavy eyelids contract to neither wake nor sleep

Almost no blink

It curls down your throat coating breath

With wet smoky air

Without care for the days and weeks

Spent suspended living

Windowless environment

Sheeting rain in a torrent

And thick deep throated thunder

With a smile that slithers

Orange the only color around

All others bow down to bright brown

In these blazing summer days

No other time comes near this taste

Life becomes balanced on a thin line of decay

Beads of succulent persperent

Slowly trickle down your brow

Meandering down to bare naked toes

And ice cold is never more so

Than when hot is hell-bent

The need for clothing becomes tiresome

And all done is sleeping with the light on

© 2010 Charles Harmison

Wasted Resources

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Poetry

Wasted Resources

It’s all gotta’ end or it’s all gonna’ end

We got to stop looking through dollar signs at this world we live in

It’s all gotta’ end or it’s all gonna’ end

When the world’s been ruined will the profits mean anything?

Every day we are slowly dying

In every way our planet is crying

And as the greed gets worse

Our spineless leaders do less for us

I can’t take no more wasted resources

It’s got to stop before this dollar sign forces

Us from our home or worse

Greed is a curse

It’s all gotta’ end or it’s all gonna’ end

We got to stop looking through dollar signs at this world we live in

It’s all gotta’ end or it’s all gonna’ end

When the world’s been ruined don’t wonder what happened

Cause I warned you my friends.

© 2010 Charles Harmison

The Dove Song

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Poetry

The Dove Song

My love is eyes of sunbeam brilliance

Radiating a heated bleeding passion

Love is not lost to a lustful compliance

When released from a tortured prison

A dove asks me to teach her to fly

Because she says her wings are broken

I tell that dove to look to the sky

To find what I have only awoken

Above me she sees wondrous trees

Which offer her branches to land upon

She soon forgets the unfettered we

That brought her out of Acheron

I call to the dove and she won’t respond

For she fears I’ll take away her new freedom

She will not tell me what she has found

And she will not remember where she came from

I do not ask her for her gratitude

I do not bind her to a new shell

But because I loved and freed her with fortitude

I must now take her place in Hell

Maybe someone will release me

She has gone now without remorse

I will suffer here for now as piteous be

But I hope she doesn’t fall upon her course

And if this be a lesson to any chivalrous man

Do not think this rigorous plan wrong

For I know when I find my way from sorrow’s land

I’ll bring another dove along

© 2010 Charles Harmison